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Kothari exporter is a Groundnut specialized export house based in Bhavnagar (Gujarat) India.


Initially, it was started as a groundnut farming business in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. after 60 years of experience and with wide knowledge in this field we have decided to enter into the export of Groundnut.


Hence in the year 2014 Kothari exporter was incepted and started its own export house at Bhavnagar, Gujarat, and upcoming office in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Our core focus is to export various types of peanuts such as Bold/Java/Bleached Bold, Bleached Java, Peanuts in-shell, and split peanuts in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia.


We have well trained and experienced team for product sourcing, quality check, and customs paperwork.


We are committed to buyer satisfaction by providing quality products, solutions, and operational excellence.


We ought to every customer to have full confidence in our ability to deliver. For that, we use a proactive, customer-centered approach and pride ourselves in “getting it right the first time”.


Kothari exporter’s handpicked suppliers have qualified storage space, standard processing units, optimize production capacity.


Kothari exporter has its own groundnut farms and we are a reputed member in various farmer’s associations and societies in the Saurashtra region.

Our Mission​​

Quality Promise With Best Price And Smooth Transition

Why Choose Us​

“We Are the Top Quality Peanuts Exporter and The Main Focus of Our Team & Company is to Enrich the Customer’s Experience.”

Why Choose Us

Experience the real Agriculture

Indian peanuts are consumed in over 50 countries. Indian peanuts are the only source that are available all round the year. Crops are planted in two cycles and harvested in March and October. There are several other inter-cropping cycles which makes Indian peanut a prime source of supply.

After starting the Peanut Export business, we have established various milestones in a short span of time and now we are dominating the international market. There are a lot of satisfied customers from all over the world who are taking our service multiple times and we're now convinced that our day & night work on boosting our business after enhancing the quality of service with the experience.

Kothari Exporter also consigns raw & salted peanuts customers while the peanuts we export are pink dark in color which is greatly used in the oil manufacturing & medical industry. We are the wholesale supplier of peanuts where we also export the shelled peanuts to the customers.


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Kothari Trading
403, Akshat Arc, Meghani Circle,
Bhavnagar,Gujarat, India 364001.


+91 8200-993-327



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