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The quality of the products exported from the Kothari Exporter is always checked by a separate team established for the same purpose and we have also a range of salespersons who always meet our internal standards of specs. After packing the sacks, they are also checked by a team that ensures the wait and other measurements meet the international standards. Products sent by the Kothari Exporters are always 100% clean and we ensure the tidiness of the products that go for the shipments. Kothari Exporter is a company that greatly insists on the correct wait before sending the peanuts sacks for the shipment. We always ensure that the quality doesn't become a barrier to provide the products to the customers in an exceptional price range.

Product Quality

We endeavor to provide the best quality of our product in the market at a great price. Peanuts provided by the Kothari Exporter come from the peanut brand which is known as the best in the Indian Market. Kothari Exporters commits the customers to provide the products at stable prices for a long time. The quality of our Peanuts is also defined by our hygienic products which are 100% always clean..


Clients who order our peanuts sacks from other countries, Kothari Exporters always commit to offer local support in most of the countries so customers can enjoy our service hassle-free. We provide local invoicing, customs clearance, replacement of any bag/ bags and other assistance to the customers. .


Kothari Exporter is a great supplier of Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) of Indian Peanuts with the highly rich oil. Besides, we also have a wide range of peanut varieties such as Western 44, Bold, Java, Mathadi, etc. We have a fresh stock of all types of groundnuts and we supply the product that can completely fit for the customers. .

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